Finally! After nine months of gestation, discomfort, Associate in Nursing ever-increasing belly, and cravings, you have got finally crossed the delivery hurdle and ar standing past the end line… with a completely new baby in your arms. And then the question hits you wish a freight train… WHAT NOW? Yes, you have got motherly instincts which will assist you a bit, but the first several weeks after delivery are often considered some of the most emotional and exhausting of a woman’s life, and at least when I get emotional and exhausted, I have a hard time remembering all of the things I need or want to do! Now that it’s been a few of years since my baby, I think I have had enough time to remember all of the things I should have done during those initial few weeks (at least I hope I’ve had enough time, ha!) Here is the list I have compiled of things to do in those first few weeks after baby arrives!

1-Take Newborn Photos

If you plan on doing so. The most unimaginable issue concerning babies far and away is however laughably quick they grow and alter. You can virtually visibly see it happening day by day. If you propose having newborn photos taken, do it within the first 2 weeks after the baby is born. This is one thing I discussed will be scheduled in my list of twenty-four Things to try and do in Your ninth Month of physiological condition.

2- Write Your Story!

Another superb issue concerning babies… after you have one, it is shocking how quickly you lose your memory. Write down your physiological condition journey and therefore the story of your kid’s birth as a memento for yourself or your child. You will be surprised at however quickly all of the main points fade, and having a child, at least in my opinion, is one of the most incredible things, so basic cognitive process the main points can be there for something you treasure.

3- Invest in Epsom Salt

Oh, these things are HEAVENLY for serving to heal when baby delivery. It is natural and helps your skin feel soft however conjointly has hearing aids to assist your body recover when having a baby, whether vaginally or via cesarean. Trust me, your body can give thanks to Pine Tree State for it.

4- Sleep When Baby Sleeps

I can’t stress this enough. Your body is tired. It is trying to recover. You are more than likely sore or itchy. And you are coping with the 5 million emotions that come with having a baby. The best issue for your body to assist cope and recover is obtaining rest and sleep, which sadly will be scarce with a baby. The great news is, newborns usually sleep loads. And I grasp all you would like to try and do is hold them whereas they sleep, otherwise you can wish to possess your visitant occasionally after they are sleeping thus you don’t have to be compelled to touch upon baby’s awake wants with folks there, however, if your baby is asleep, the best thing you can do is try and catch a few ZZZs yourself. Don’t worry concerning your own “sleep schedule” as a result of your body wants the additional sleep to recover and honestly, you just had a baby woman, don’t feel guilty regarding holding yourself sleep a bit additional for once!

5- Send Out Announcements

This is one thing you would like to try and do among the primary few months sometimes because let’s face it… it is a little weird to get a baby announcement and the kid is already growing teeth within the image and therefore the child is nearer to 1yr recent than newborn. Many folks prefer to do that right when their newborn photos are born. I in person didn’t channelize any announcements through the mail, but I found a cute photo and sent it to all of my friends/family/colleagues through email with the usual info (baby name, birth date, weight, etc.) Yes, I’m a bit unrefined and boring, but at the time I was just too tired to think about it. Maybe if I had created this list then I’d have forced myself along and gotten some sent out? Ha!

6- Schedule Your Baby’s Appointments

This is one thing you wish to try and do pretty at once as most pediatricians want to check your baby among the primary period of your baby’s life. If you don’t already have a pediatrician, finding one should be on the top of your priority list. Ask the nurses at the hospital for recommendations on where to start, or talk to your friends and family about suggestions for doctors they may have.

7- And whereas You’re At It….. Make Your Appointment

Depending on whether you had a vaginal birth or a cesarean, doctors will want to see you anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks postpartum to make sure everything is healing properly. At that point, they’re going to sometimes check your plans for contraception if you propose to use any when baby, so doing some research about birth control methods previous to the appointment can be helpful.

8- Stock up on Snacks

And you get bonus points if they’re able to go with a none school assignment or will be consumed with one hand. As your body recovers you need extra nutrients and energy to keep it healing and going, and if you are breastfeeding it is even more important. My favorite things were fruits and veggies that were simply sliced and prepared to travel or things like trail mix or dry cereal bars that provided a bit little bit of macromolecule.

9- Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Especially if you are a first-time mom, you will probably have a LOT of questions. And if you’re something like Pine Tree State, they’ll cause you anxiety if you don’t get answers! When you think about queries, write them down, then you can call a doctor or shoot a text to your mom or look online to find answers. Most hospitals have nurses on staff 24 hours a day to answer questions, and they were an amazing resource to me when I had questions about a clogged milk duct and why my baby hadn’t pooped for 3 days. Don’t be afraid to ask! Everyone understands you are doing your best!

10- Find Helpers and LET Them Help

This is another one on my list of things to do in the 9th month of pregnancy, but I feel strongly about allowing people to help when you need it. Find people who can come vacuum your floors, wash your dishes, or make a run to the grocery store for you so that you can focus on resting.

11- Pump!!

For you breastfeeding mamas. Yes, engorgement is that the worst, and that I extremely suggest obtaining a pump and pumping ASAP. Not only does it help with the pain of engorgement, but it helps you build up your milk supply for when you need to have the baby fed and are not in a position to breastfeed. Many people can discussion Pine Tree State on this as a result of your body continues to be learning to regulate and it produces but a lot of milk it thinks it’s exploitation, so if you pump then your body will think it needs more and thus will make more, thinking the baby needs more, leading to more engorgement. All of that’s true, however, in my opinion, the relief was so incredible that I would rather do it over and over again and build up milk supply for the freezer than live with engorgement for several weeks while my body adjusts. Especially wherever I had to come back to figure, having milk offer furnished in my Deepfreeze was one thing that was necessary to Pine Tree State.

12- File Your Paperwork

When you have a baby, there are all sorts of forms to fill out and places to report to. To eliminate hassle later, it is best to get this done early. The hospital will usually give you forms to fill out to get the birth certificate and your child’s social security card (for babies in the US), or you can request to have it sent to you. Also, bear in mind to report your delivery to your insurance and fill out any necessary forms they need to form certain your baby is roofed. Most insurance firms need this to be done pretty quickly, within the first 30 (or so) days.

13- Watch Out for Symptoms of Post Partum Depression

This one is a HUGE one for me. I struggled with postnatal depression when having my baby, and it had been the one worst, most horrible thing I have ever experienced. It is unbelievably dangerous as a result of several moms who don’t understand they’re suffering, don’t need to admit they’re troubled, or feel too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. This post here lists some symptoms of postpartum depression that square measure common and may be watched for, and this one here talks about people who are at risk of postpartum depression. It is not a subject to be skipped over or taken lightly, of all the things to do on this list, this is the most important one to do in my opinion.

14- Lots of Skin to Skin

Skin to skin has wonderful psychological, emotional, and physical health benefits for both baby and mama. Especially within the initial few weeks of life, having skin to skin contact helps a baby to build trust, feel secure, and feel close to mommy while being provided with a sense of safety within the strange new world they need to be entered. It can even vary facilitate build the bond between kid and parent, so this isn’t limited to just moms! Dads should do it too!

15- Let Yourself Heal

You just had a baby. Give yourself a break. Please. You don’t ought to be bending and propulsion to form the bed daily, wearing yourself out with housework, or straining your body as it tries to heal through doing too much exercise. This is a free price ticket to take a seat in your pants and eat no matter what you would like and snuggle your smooshy, wonderful bundle of joy while binge-watching Netflix for the next few weeks. Use it.

16- Make Your Fitness Plan

For later. As previously stated, let your body heal. Now is the time that you can make your goals and a plan for how you want to approach any health or fitness goals you might have, but clear it along with your doctor before starting and take things slowly.

17- Treat Yourself

In whatever way you want! You just had a baby, you are going through a lot of changes, and sometimes it is hard to cope with all of that. Allow yourself to splurge on YOU a little. If you see something you love on Amazon, buy it. Or you get a fast burst of energy and need to bake some cookies, do it. If {you square measure|you’re} feeling pretty smart concerning however things are going and would really like a prospect, let yourself go out on a date. Don’t skip out on this one as a result of actually, you merit it!

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